Sell Gold

American Gold Refinery is the premiere gold buyer both online and in person in our NYC location. We strive to be the best at buying and selling gold nationwide. When you arrive at our office you will be greeted by a friendly warm staff that will promptly take you and analyze the gold you are selling.

When selling gold rememgoldbuyerber to bring your I.D. if you know the carats it is best to separate the 8k,10k,12k,14k,16k,18k,22k and 24k gold into different piles. This will only save time. Also if you want to set up an appointment that is fine as well, we also take walk-ins Monday through Friday at our 31 West 47th Street #504 New York, NY 10036 location.

We buy all kinds of gold as long as it is real and not gold plated or fake, we have sophisticated equipment to help ensure you will get the full price based on the golds purity. American Gold Refinery wants you to know that with us you can sell your gold safely and securely in our office or over the internet.