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sell diamond engagement rings in nyc

If you are looking for somewhere you can sell your diamond for a great price, consider us when selling a diamond ring, engagement ring, loose diamond, rare diamonds, and colored diamond. We are located at 31 West 47th st #504 New York, NY 10036, In NYC’s Diamond District and have been serving the diamond district in diamond buying and refining for over 30 years.

We have an excellent reputation and will work with you to get the highest price for your diamond. We buy all diamonds and the certified the better the price, if it has a GIA and or EGL that will help us in determining the price even faster for you. You can fax it for a quick quote or come in Monday – Friday from 10am- 5pm and meet with one of our professional gemologists.

Diamonds can be worth tens of thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars, it all depends on the 4 c’s of the diamond. The carat, cut, clarity and color, all these factors weigh in to determine the price of your diamond.

Take a look at the diamond chart below which determines the value of the diamond more better.


So now you know all about the prices that determine the value of the diamond, if you need any help and want to speak to someone please call us at 212-391-1012 anytime during our normal business hours for more information.

We buy all kinds of diamonds and specialize in buying for high prices because we are connected to diamond sellers that have a large clientele where the diamond may be in higher demand so you can obviously get a higher price.

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