Selling Scrap Gold Jewelry in NYC

Hey if your thinking of selling some gold jewelry in the NYC area then we recommend giving us a chance in cashing your scrap gold in. Selling scrap gold can be a great experience if sold the right way. A true gold buyer will tell you scrap gold, if broken, damaged or tangled is worth just as much as brand new gold.

Gold prices fluctuate daily and that impacts your selling price as we calculate it off the london fixed price. You also have to factor in the weight and karat of your gold. We buy all 10k,12k,14k,16k,18k,22k and 24k gold and test on the spot in front of you.

Gold buyers that are the best will offer you a price that is based on the current spot price for gold and divide by the purity (karat) of the gold based on its weight.

Selling gold has never been easier, with American Gold Refinery we make the process simple and enjoyable. We specialize in buying and we also sell gold and silver as well. We love the precious metals market and enjoy passing information on to our customers that are interested in buying or selling gold and silver.