Sell Junk Silver Coins Pre 1964

Sell pre 1964 Junk Silver Coins


If you are looking to sell silver coins pre 1964 we offer the highest payout on all silver coins pre 1964. We buy the following junk silver coins:

  • 1942-1945 Silver Nickels
  • 1892-1916 Barber Dimes
  • 1916-1945 Mercury Dimes
  • 1892-1916 Barber Quarter
  • 1916-1930 Standing Liberty Quarters
  • 1932-1964 Washington Quarters
  • 1892-1915 Barber Half Dollar
  • 1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1965-1970 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1878-1921 Morgan Dollar
  • 1921-1935 Peace Dollar
  • 1971-1976 Eisenhower Dollar

Our rates are based on the current price of silver, you can bring these coins into our office any day Monday thru Friday from 10am-5pm to sell or you can call and set up an appointment or ask about our convenient mail in option where if you are out of the NYC area but still want high prices you can benefit and not even leave the house.

How our mail silver in option works:

You can use our prepaid and fully insured shipment option where we refund or pay for your shipping and insurance and get the best price for your junk silver coins pre 1964 ASAP, after arrival we will contact you with the price and after you accept we can wire you the money that same day.

For more information click or call for any questions you have, we are here to help you 5 days a week 212-391-1012.

We make the process of selling silver so easy, you can be rest assured peace of mind and the highest price when selling your silver coins to us.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the price we pay for your silver coins and encourage any and all to write a honest review on our silver buying process after the transaction is done.

We buy silver and pay top cash for anything of silver.