How to pawn a diamond ring in NYC

diamond_hand_swirlIf you are looking to get some cash, and don’t want to loose your jewelry, we at American Gold Refinery offer a great solution. You can pawn your diamond ring or jewelry to us at full price, pay it back within 4 months, and get your jewelry back.

This is a great alternative to selling a diamond ring that you love and want back but are in need of money. We also provide pawn loans on all luxury items such as gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, luxury watches such as Patek Philippe, Rolex or Cartier. We have diamond experts on staff 5 days a week that will value and give your diamond a proper estimate, also any and all paper work and certifications will speed up the process, but they are not required, all that is required is an ID. Please do not forget your Identification if you want a loan, we can’t process loans without it.

Pawning a diamond in NYC has never been easier with us, we offer a painless process with only 3 steps.

1) Come to our office with your diamond or any other jewelry.

2) Let us appraise it for you and give you a price.

3) Accept it, get cash and pay it back within 4 months.

We have the lowest interest rate on all loans and the most flexible terms in NYC.

Check out our recent payouts/loans

Diamond Shape
Carat Size
Diamond Clarity
Color of Diamond
Round1.1 VS1FGIA$ 8,950.00
Marquise1.3VS2DGIA$ 5,750.00
Emerald2.1VS2DGIA$ 24,000.00
Oval1.5VS1HGIA$ 8,200.00
Round3.0VVS2GGIA$ 72,000.00

We are conveniently located near all major subways in midtown Manhattan and have been in the diamond district for over 30 years. We have an excellent reputation and strive to be the #1 diamond and gold loan lender and buyer in New York City.

girl-diamond GIA-color-grading-scale

We accept any diamonds of any shape, size, color, cut and clarity as long as they are real, please be advised that if you want the most cash for your diamond jewelry, you better call us!

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