Four Best Ways To Sell a Diamond


There are several ways it is possible to sell your diamonds, if they are loose or set in a band. (Hint #4 is the best way)

1) Pawnshop. You’ll probably obtain the least amount of cash to your diamond if you get your ring to a nearby pawnshop. For instance a loan on your own jewelry, if you sell they offer the least amount, if taking a loan out against it, sometimes it can work out, We provide jewelry loans as well, call for more information.

2) Craigslist. You are able to post on Craigslist free of charge. That is always a large target audience, but you may also get all kinds of people when you post there. There’s no privacy with Craigslist.

3) E-bay. Knowing everything about your stone E-bay is definitely an excellent choice. You must have the certification or at the least have so you know the actual color, quality, carat weight and cut it evaluated. Keep in mind that images are worth a lot of words and having a picture of a stone isn’t easy, therefore play with the light to have the best shot. Be sure when the stone can be used to reveal and be sincere in your listing. With e-bay, prepare yourself to cover attempting to sell fees, list fees and then Pay-pal fees. Also, there’s always possible the diamond may be sold, before you get positive feedback therefore don’t count your cash.

4) Offer to a Diamond Buyer. Selling to your diamond buyer differs that selling to some jeweler. For something, a diamond buyer doesn’t possess the same sort of expense a jeweler has, so they’ll find a way to supply a greater value to you for your stone. Make sure to tell the diamond customer what you want, if you’re expecting a specific amount for selling your diamond ring. Most will entertain and want to fulfill your value because most diamond buyers don’t just buy diamonds and because they wish to make more business, they sell them too.