We buy gold diamonds and watches

If you are thinking of selling anything of value, whether it is gold, diamond, watches or anything else we can make your dreams come true in getting the most cash for your gold, diamonds or watches. We specialize in paying more for designer gold and watches and know the difference between what should be scrap and what is more valuable then the price of the scrap gold. We also buy diamond engagement rings so if you are either upgrading a wedding ring or a wedding band and want a new engagement ring, or a eternity band get the best price for all diamond jewelry from us first.

We melt our own gold and pass the savings onto you! the #1 customer. Over 99% payments paid for gold, silver and platinum. We melt it and test it right in front of you. So whether your selling a diamond, or some scrap gold, come to American Gold Refinery now to  get the best price for your gold.

The price of gold is still high and you can be literally sitting on a gold mine, so if you are in need of cash come to us to get the best price for gold in Manhattan.

We are open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and we close at 3pm on friday.  We are located at 31 West 47th st #504 on the fifth floor in New York City.

American Gold Refinery
31 West 47th st #504
New York, NY 10036

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Sell Gold NY

Sell Gold NYIf you are in NY and are looking for the best place to sell gold in NYC, your best bet is to sell gold to someone who has been in business for over 30 years. Someone who has a top notch reputation. Someone who pays 98.5% for your gold (depending on quantity) at a more than fair price. Someone like American Gold Refinery.

When selling gold you have to know some certain things, no one is going to pay you more than what your gold is worth, there are some cash for gold companies which we wont say, that pay 10% , 20% of the gold value, that we feel is highway robbery and we want to put a stop to it by paying you the most cash for scrap gold.

When selling your gold the best bet is to sell to a gold refinery, gold refineries tend to be most honest, are a melter, and pay almost 100% of the golds price, depending on your quantity. Whether its 8k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k or 24k gold you are selling the price of gold changes daily and will fluctuate and our prices are based on the current fixed price of gold for the day. The karats are the purity of the gold, the higher the karat the more pure it is therefore the more money you will get for your gold.

When selling always feel free to ask questions, get the current prices and get a receipt, also all gold buyers are required to take down ID of every transaction. This is a law and it helps deter theft, keep in mind also, we have to hold onto any gold we buy for 2 weeks as well, so we take a greater risk in buying gold, if the price goes down even a little we can loose a lot of money on the transaction.

Some items we buy are including but not limited to gold chains, rings, bracelets, anklets, brooches, coins, pins, chains, watches, earrings, wedding rings, scrap, broken, damaged, and any other kind of gold jewelry.


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Selling gold directly to the refinery for the most cash for gold

Gold Refinery NYCIf you are in the market of selling gold and want to get the most cash for gold, it is recommended that you sell to a gold refinery. Why sell to a gold refinery? simple because gold refineries like American Gold Refinery, cut out the middleman, and pass the savings onto the customer.

They usually pay the most between 98-99% depending on the quantity, if your a business and if you come directly into the office. There are still great ways of cashing your gold to the refinery if you want to sell online, American Gold Refinery has a online gold buying department as well where if you live out of the NYC area but still want the high prices paid if you Sell Gold NY, then call them and ask for a mail in gold kit.

We cover the expenses like shipping and insurance, get you money same day via wire, and offer the highest prices, and best of all you don’t need to leave your house and go to gold buyer to gold buyer looking for the highest prices.

No wonder why we are the largest gold refinery that buys scrap gold all over the US.

Live in or around NYC?

Come to our office at

American Gold Refinery
31 W.47th St #504
New York, NY 10036

Live out of the area?

No problem give us a call to set up how you can sell gold online. You can have cash in as little as 24 hours from your time of call until we receive it in our office.

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Selling Scrap Gold Jewelry in NYC

Hey if your thinking of selling some gold jewelry in the NYC area then we recommend giving us a chance in cashing your scrap gold in. Selling scrap gold can be a great experience if sold the right way. A true gold buyer will tell you scrap gold, if broken, damaged or tangled is worth just as much as brand new gold.

Gold prices fluctuate daily and that impacts your selling price as we calculate it off the london fixed price. You also have to factor in the weight and karat of your gold. We buy all 10k,12k,14k,16k,18k,22k and 24k gold and test on the spot in front of you.

Gold buyers that are the best will offer you a price that is based on the current spot price for gold and divide by the purity (karat) of the gold based on its weight.

Selling gold has never been easier, with American Gold Refinery we make the process simple and enjoyable. We specialize in buying and we also sell gold and silver as well. We love the precious metals market and enjoy passing information on to our customers that are interested in buying or selling gold and silver.

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