We buy gold diamonds and watches

If you are thinking of selling anything of value, whether it is gold, diamond, watches or anything else we can make your dreams come true in getting the most cash for your gold, diamonds or watches. We specialize in paying more for designer gold and watches and know the difference between what should be scrap and what is more valuable then the price of the scrap gold. We also buy diamond engagement rings so if you are either upgrading a wedding ring or a wedding band and want a new engagement ring, or a eternity band get the best price for all diamond jewelry from us first.

We melt our own gold and pass the savings onto you! the #1 customer. Over 99% payments paid for gold, silver and platinum. We melt it and test it right in front of you. So whether your selling a diamond, or some scrap gold, come to American Gold Refinery now to  get the best price for your gold.

The price of gold is still high and you can be literally sitting on a gold mine, so if you are in need of cash come to us to get the best price for gold in Manhattan.

We are open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and we close at 3pm on friday.  We are located at 31 West 47th st #504 on the fifth floor in New York City.

American Gold Refinery
31 West 47th st #504
New York, NY 10036

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Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring in NYC for Cash


If you are looking to either sell or pawn an engagement ring for cash then you are in the right place. American Gold Refinery pays top dollar and gives loans for all jewelry and especially diamond engagement rings.

We have certified diamond appraisers in house that will analyze, appraise and tell you what your diamond is worth in a matter of minutes.

Specializing in buying all shapes, cuts and sizes, round brilliant, princess cut, old miners, emerald, marquise and more. We are interested in diamonds larger then .75 ct and up. We also buy rare and exotic diamonds as well, if you are unsure or if you want an estimate, just come into our midtown Manhattan location in the diamond district any time from monday to friday from 10am to 6pm. Fridays we close early before 3pm.

Also feel free to give us a call for an over the phone estimate and ballpark figure, we will be glad to give it to you as well. Also if you have a certificate you can fax it to us at (212)391-1013.

Diamond Shape
Carat Size
Diamond Clarity
Color of Diamond
Round1.1 VS1FGIA$ 8,950.00
Marquise1.3VS2DGIA$ 5,750.00
Emerald2.1VS2DGIA$ 24,000.00
Oval1.5VS1HGIA$ 8,200.00
Round3.0VVS2GGIA$ 72,000.00

We play no games, if you have a diamond that is worth a lot of money we will tell you and make you an offer, remember you can always pawn your diamond, get money for it , and also get your diamond back.


We buy all kind of diamond rings and loose diamonds all shapes and sizes. American Gold Refinery specializes in diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and brand name jewelry such as Tiffany & Co., Rolex, Cartier and more. Feel free to give us a call or fill out the form on the right to get more information on the diamond that you are looking to sell.

Diamonds are forever, valuable and we understand in times of need, you may have to sell or pawn your valuables, we make you comfortable, give you information on the diamond and then present you with several options where lets say if you do not want to sell it you can always pawn it and get it back, or if your upgrading we can give you a great price, and then show you other diamonds we have in stock.

What can you get for your diamond?

If you purchased your diamond retail expect to recover 1/3 – 1/5 of the price, unless it was bought a long time ago. Jewelers mark up the prices of diamonds how they want and we do our best to recover as much as possible for you. We also will pay a premium price for the band if its gold or platinum as well. There are more factors as well that affect the price such as the condition, size of the stone and the grade of the stone.


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Four Best Ways To Sell a Diamond


There are several ways it is possible to sell your diamonds, if they are loose or set in a band. (Hint #4 is the best way)

1) Pawnshop. You’ll probably obtain the least amount of cash to your diamond if you get your ring to a nearby pawnshop. For instance a loan on your own jewelry, if you sell they offer the least amount, if taking a loan out against it, sometimes it can work out, We provide jewelry loans as well, call for more information.

2) Craigslist. You are able to post on Craigslist free of charge. That is always a large target audience, but you may also get all kinds of people when you post there. There’s no privacy with Craigslist.

3) E-bay. Knowing everything about your stone E-bay is definitely an excellent choice. You must have the certification or at the least have so you know the actual color, quality, carat weight and cut it evaluated. Keep in mind that images are worth a lot of words and having a picture of a stone isn’t easy, therefore play with the light to have the best shot. Be sure when the stone can be used to reveal and be sincere in your listing. With e-bay, prepare yourself to cover attempting to sell fees, list fees and then Pay-pal fees. Also, there’s always possible the diamond may be sold, before you get positive feedback therefore don’t count your cash.

4) Offer to a Diamond Buyer. Selling to your diamond buyer differs that selling to some jeweler. For something, a diamond buyer doesn’t possess the same sort of expense a jeweler has, so they’ll find a way to supply a greater value to you for your stone. Make sure to tell the diamond customer what you want, if you’re expecting a specific amount for selling your diamond ring. Most will entertain and want to fulfill your value because most diamond buyers don’t just buy diamonds and because they wish to make more business, they sell them too.

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Diamond District New York

diamond district nycIf you are either shopping for or selling gold, jewelry, diamonds, coins, watches, silver or any precious stones, gems or metals the diamond district in NYC is the right place to go to.

There are many advantages of buying or selling in the Diamond District that include getting a great price, finding the perfect diamond, or selling gold for a great price. There are many hawkers on the street, it is best to call a place before and set up an appointment when buying or selling jewelry. Most places close at 5pm and are closed on saturdays and sundays, so check and call for their store hours.

If you are buying there are many stores, many choices and many educated dealers. If you are selling, selling gold to a gold refinery is the best place to start. Gold refineries offer the highest cash price for gold and have been around for the longest amount of time in the diamond district.

The Diamond District NYC is located on 47th street between 5th and 6th avenue. It is accessible by subway and bus, some places will validate your parking like American Gold Refinery. We do both we buy and sell jewelry, diamonds, silver, gold coins and more. If you are looking to buy or sell here is our contact information, we are open monday to friday from 10am to 5pm, and until 3pm on fridays.

American Gold Refinery
31 W.47th St. #504
New York, NY 10036

You can either call or walk in but it is recommended to call and set up an appointment and get an over the phone quote on anything you want to buy or sell.

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